Welcome to the Sherlockian Violin Society

The idea for the Sherlockian Violin Society began at a Sherlock meeting in London, when three Sherlockians met each other for the first time and discovered they were all violinists too. We came to the conclusion that there must be quite a few Sherlockians who play the violin and that it’s a shame there wasn’t some kind of group for them. Well…now there is.


The idea is still in its early stages but we forsee this being quite a large worldwide society with regular meet ups, organised concerts and so on.


For a small ONE OFF fee of £6.00 members will receive a society pin badge, membership card, yearly newsletter, and the opportunity to attend casual and formal meetups in your area for free.

We now offer the option of FREE MEMBERSHIP, for which members will receive a membership card and newsletter only. Attendance at events will have to be paid for, and the glossy SVS logo pin badge is available for an extra £4.


Every year, a new item of merchandise will be produced and released to members. There will also be larger items such as T-shirts, waistcoats, jumpers, bags and hats available in our shop at a later date.


For more info, or to sign up, contact: info@sherlockianviolinsociety.com



I’d like to do a quick promotion for Noteflight. It’s a great sheet music website where you can write, post and share your own scores with others. You can sign up for a free or premium membership and they have some decent Sherlockian scores, including the Jeremy Brett theme and the BBC Sherlock theme:


Sherlock Theme – http://www.noteflight.com/scores/view/7c4e7ebf0aee96f38a85a8e3a2bdd83d084ab90c
Jeremy Brett (Granada) Theme – http://www.noteflight.com/scores/view/b3009368c1dfa03cdd685599505664fb7cedbff0/


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